A linux geek since the school days and fortunately started his first job around linux. I love to hang around over IRC and mailing lists. I've also contributed to opensource projects like Logstash and Grok debugger and sometimes blog at https://blog.abhijeetr.com
Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Site Reliability Engineer, Edge PerformanceLinkedIn

    Feb, 2015 - Invalid dateJoined Today

    This team involves in optimizing page load times at the edge level. It invoves doing optimization at DNS and CDN platforms. It also revolves around doing synthetic monitoring and real user monitoring for analysing performance of LinkedIn.

    • Took ownership of multiple POP ramps
    • Overhauled an internal certificate inventory tool with a completely new backend to support more certificate types
    • CDN evaluations before we onboard them to our website
  • Senior Operations EngineerEndurance International Group (Directi)

    Jul, 2014 - Feb, 20157 months

    I worked in the hosting team and was involved in bootstrapping a new product around dedicated server hosting for Bigrock. It was a team of two people, me and my manager.

    • Managing internal cloud based on Openstack icehouse release used by different teams for testing purposes.
    • Day to day administration of dedicated hosting product which is on top of openstack.
    • Setting up a new dedicated hosting infra using OpenStack Havana release.
  • Operations EngineerDirecti

    Jul, 2012 - Jun, 20141 year 11 months

    I worked in Email Hosting team and it involved maintaining the email infrasturcture that served millions of users.

    • Sole contributor to the log analytics platform using the ELK stack. It was mostly used to search logs and do analytics over email logs for business metrics. I also pushed code to opensource projects namely logstash and grok debugger as and when I found bugs.
    • Developing multiple milters in python language for postfix to mark/tag emails and take appropriate actions
    • Sole contributor in setting up the Open-Xchange collaboration platform which was released a month before I left the team.
    • Move email quota usage store from postgres to Redis so that reads/writes are faster.
    • Setting up spamassassin and integrating it with already existing spam solution by writing a custom postfix milter.


  • Web Development
    Django, Flask, SqlalchemyHTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Tools and Technologies
    ELK stack:- Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana. Syslog serversGraphite, Nagios, PuppetMySQL, Postgres, RiakPostfix, Dovecot, Open-Xchange, Pymilter
  • Programming
    Proficient in Python and GoFamiliar with C, C++, Ruby, Javascript, Bootstrap, pygtk, Qt, Django, pymilter, jQuery


  • Information and Communication Technology, Bachelor of Technology, DA-IICT

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 2012

    Operating SystemsSystem Software and NetworkingDigital Signal ProcessingComputer Graphics
Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Technical Head, OSID- Opensource Initiative at DA-IICT

    Aug, 2010 - Mar, 2012

    I was part of our Linux User Group and took various sessions to educate and share knowledge regarding various topics in linux.

    • Took sessions on various topics like linux installation, Git, Vim, basic bash tricks etc.